How to get rid of maggots in your bin

Flies are naturally attracted to bins because they provide the perfect environment for them to lay eggs : they offer food, protection and heat. On average, a housefly can lay up to 150 eggs which hatch as maggots whithin only 24 hours. During the hot summer months, flies are more active so you are even more likely to find these pests in your bins. If you have found maggots in your trash cans, follow these four Read more…

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion describes the continuous mass production of clothing by retailer brands, who often replicate seasonal runway outfits into affordable pieces for larger audiences. This idea is related to the ability to identify new consumer trends and preferences faster, and to then launch newly adapted products into the market.


How to keep your phone clean

We use our phones to share images, videos, and stories. But did you know that our devices can also share pathogens and bacteria? During the current pandemic, we are all doing our best to stop the spread out COVID-19. Our team knows that we carry our phones everywhere with us, so we want to share with you some tips.

Zero waste New Year Resolution

In 2019, Pat Smith, a 70-year-old environmentalist, dedicated to a challenge – to clean 1 beach per week in Cornwall, South-West of England, in an effort to fight plastic pollution. In one year, Pat cleaned 52 beaches and is now leading ‘The Final Straw’ campaign that aims to eliminate all use of plastic straws.