Covid-19 Update

Extra Precaution Due to Covid-19

All staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and to help us keep our customers and staff safe from the virus, these are the precautions and guidelines followed by all of our team members:

• All staff must clean and sanitize their hands prior to entering a customer’s home and after completion of cleaning services.

• All staff are equipped with PPE such as face masks and gloves at all times. PPE must be changed after each cleaning to ensure proper sanitation guidelines.

• Our professional equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each cleaning.

• Any team member experiencing flu-like symptoms or feels unwell does not work until cleared by a medical practitioner.

• Our products remain chemical-free but the solutions now contain a higher percentage of the purest alcohol on the market (Isopropyl 99%). Due to COVID-19, we are happy to use other chemical cleaning products, based on customer preferences and special requests.

Our Cancellation Policy

Please do not  hesitate to contact us directly to cancel your cleaning if you or any of your household members feel sick/ is displaying flu-like symptoms. We will be happy to reschedule our visit to a future date, at no extra charge.

Leo Clean is carefully monitoring the current situation around COVID-19. We want to make sure that we continue to provide exceptional service and a safe business environment for everyone.

Feel free to contact us for any questions