About Leo Clean

Leo Clean – our Vancouver-based cleaning services company – comes from a dream of combining professional cleaning services with environmental protection and sustainability.

Céline, the founder of Leo Clean, is a passionate environmental activist who is dedicated to protect our environment; she can often be found at events that benefit our Planet. She does not use animal products in her diet nor as commodities, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge about animal welfare to those who are open to learning.

Céline, founder of Leo Clean
Céline, founder of Leo Clean

She wanted to build a business that stays true to her core values – one that links her cause of waste-free and eco-friendly living to a service that makes people happy.

Céline is born in a tiny city in France called Vichy. She likes to hike, snowboard, and spend time with her dog. She has lived in Vancouver since 2014 and for 4 years she worked for cleaning companies. These experiences gave her  the chance to learn how to clean professionally with attention to details, to work with clients, and to lead teams with confidence. During this time, Céline noticed that the cleaning industry is far from perfect. In 2018 when she founded Leo Clean, she was determined to build a cleaning company where she can put her ideas into action and create a cleaner world – both in people’s homes and in our environment. Céline is committed to using only natural and cruelty-free products in her business – an act that maintains a healthy home for her clients and a safe planet for all living beings.

What matters to Céline is work excellency and client satisfaction. She diligently goes above and beyond on each project, while building trust with each client and getting to know each household’s needs and preferences.

The path of building Céline’s dream-business has been full of lessons that contributed both to her personal and professional growth. One thing that has always been a constant, however, is her team’s dedication and her customers’ satisfaction!