Tosha Lobsinger, founder of the Peace People Project

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Tosha Lobsinger, the founder of the “Peace People Project”, is both an inspiration and a source of resourceful information for our Leo Team. Here we explore some of the wonderful projects run by the activist and provide links to connect you more intimately with her ideas. We hope that this short presentation will ignite the same sense of curiosity for environmental commitment in our readers, as Tosha’s projects do for us. 

Tosha Lobsinger, founder of the “Peace People Project

Driven by creating peace on earth and for all living creatures, Tosha lives a minimalist, zero-waste, vegan lifestyle – one that she shares with her vast community of followers. “Peace People Project” is an organization that is deeply rooted in her values and her love of adventures and activism. Between her commitment to educating others about the environmental impact of widespread consumerism, Tosha also hosts numerous zero-waste educational workshops and potlucks. She frequents local thrift shops where she searches for unique pieces of clothing to which she gives a second life by printing powerful messages. She also volunteers at different sanctuaries like “The Happy Heard” where she donates 50% of the “Peace People Project”’s sales.

If you wonder what a zero-waste vegan lifestyle looks like, visit her project’s page here or listen to her talk about it here. No use of plastic, avoiding purchasing brand-new items, and thinking mindfully about one’s consumer options, are at the forefront of Tosha’s zero-waste lifestyle.

As an animal activist, Tosha also speaks for the voiceless. She often joins actions such as the Vancouver Anti-Fur March in 2018 or the Vancouver Chicken Save Now Stops Trucks, where she would witness cruel acts such as the transportation of young chickens on their way to be slaughtered. By doing that, she hopes to help people understand that they vote with what they chose to place on their plates.

Vancouver Chicken Save Now Stops Trucks

“Together we can make the world a more loving place”! If you are interested in finding out more about adopting a zero-waste lifestyle, our Leo Team invites you to check out “The Story of Stuff”. We hope you will enjoy this short film about the impacts of consumerism on our planet and the people (and animals) that inhabit it.

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